What should swimmers look for in a coach?

There are many coaches in Australia and each has a style of teaching. I would suggest to a swimmer that before he/she joins a program, to take 20 minutes and watch the coach and his coaching method.

If the coach spends his coaching time on his mobile phone, talking to people around him (that are not part of the coaching program) or stands with his back to the pool, then that coach is unlikely to be 100% committed to helping you improve your swimming.

However, if the coach always watches the swimmers and tells them what to do better, then you know you will get something from each session that they run and that your swimming will improve.

It’s also beneficial to know what kind of coaching you respond well to – being encouraged in a friendly manner, for instance, or being pushed in a competitive environment.

Observe the style that your potential coach uses and decide if you find it motivating or off-putting.

Remember – the more you enjoy your swimming experience, the more motivated you will be to learn and the more time you will spend in the water getting better.

Vlad- swim coach


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