Swim The Gold Coast Marathon 21.5km

Around MAY


Location - Gold Coast QLD. Swim is from Coolangatta Beach to Surfers Paradise in the North.

Support boat and support paddler

Depends on the day. Could be smooth or windy and rough.

Swim day is in May. Water temperature around 24°C

World Series Swims Team

World Series Swims

Swim The Gold Coast Marathon preparation.

Preparation for the swim starts in January after the Christmas break. It gives you 21 weeks of preparation in warm Australian waters. First 10 weeks cover Aerobic and Anaerobic swim endurance preparation ending with the 10km qualifying swim. Next 11 weeks focus on increasing intensity and swim distance in ocean swim sessions.

Let’s start your swim preparation for this unique swim event

Any swimmer can sign up for the Vladswim program and be ready to take on this new challenge. You will have lots of fun, learn about yourself, challenge your limits, travel and meet new people. The preparation is set up for everyone. So there are no excuses only action. Get out of your comfort zone and take the first step on this adventure.

You’ll love it!

Price: $500

- includes full 21 weeks PROGRAM and coaching support from Vlad-coach
- Vladswim weekly members ($300)
- Online weekly swim session, the plan and Coaching pieces of advice ($200/month)

Note: This package does not include specific swim sessions and sets each week. See our Complete Online Swim & Coaching Package if you require this service.

What do you need for your 21km swim journey and do you have it?

  1. Be a swimmer with self-motivation.
    Yes, you love swimming and you show yourself what you can achieve.
  2. A goal.
    Yes, you have a goal. It is Swim the Gold Coast, Marathon swim 21.5km.
  3. A swimming pool and an ocean swim location
    Yes, you are swimming at your local pool and beach.
  4. Friends and swim buddies.
    Yes, you have or will find swim friends and a swim group in your local area.
  5. To know how to achieve your swim goal.
    Yes, with your swim plan and preparation.
  6. To begin your preparation and start on your great journey.
    Yes, you are swimming, following the plan and writing your logbook.
  7. Help and support during preparation or if something isn’t working.
    Yes, you need a coach to help and guide you.

Race Day


  1. You are ready for the swim event. You believe your preparation was great.
  2. Yes, you are ready and even enjoy your long distance swim.
  3. Celebrate with your friends and supporters.
  4. Yes, you did it. Congratulations!
  5. You have endurance and speed.
  6. Yes, and it’s the best time to decide your next swim goal.

The Vladswim program

Our Marathon Swim Coaching Program is designed for you to be prepared for a long-distance swimming event up to 27km. This could be Rottnest Channel, Port to Pub, Gold Coast Marathon, Keppel Island, Palm Beach to Shelly beach and others. The program period is 20 – 22weeks and is customised for you and your swimming level. During preparation you will receive coaching advice, plan updates and support from Vlad.

Marathon Swim Coaching Program includes:

  • Initial consultation and assessment by Vlad
  • Your fully explained, customised personal plan
  • Information for the program period preparation covering number km/week, long swims,
    swim intensity and the main focus for each month training
  • Coaching swim advice by phone, email and/or messaging platform
  • Unlimited questions
  • Dry land, recovery and stretching advice
  • Pre-event swim advice
  • Training plans for multiple goals ie/ between two swim events
  • Tailored preparation and advice for a specific condition eg: extreme cold or warm water event

How does the program help you? 

  • Understand and follow a personal preparation plan for your swim goal, 21 weeks
  • Understand and follow information about dry land sessions, stretching, recovery, ocean swim safety, nutrition, feeding during the long swim and more. This info will be included in a monthly support email
  • Learn new open water skills and knowledge to become a long-distance swimmer
  • Learn about yourself, your swim pace and how to be motivated and keep swimming!
  • Practice long-distance swims.
  • Be part of the long-distance swimming family
  • Smile, be happy and relax during swimming
  • Have access to support Online, by phone or personal contact with head coach during preparation