'Me time' in the pool

No squads? No worries!
In these current times of allowing only individual access to public swimming pools, we have prepared 48 sessions that you can take along!


Each weekly program includes

  • 3-4 pool sessions
  • Individual swim sessions vary from 1.5km to 2km.
  • All pool sessions include warm up, main set and swim down.
  • They also include swim technique support notes and swimming drills every week.
  • One of the pool sessions has an ocean swim replacement option. It is up to you if you choose to swim in the pool or ocean (in safe conditions of course).
  • Sessions also differ in intensity, from aerobic pace to anaerobic threshold pace.
  • Sessions include drills and swim technique

Pools Announcement

While the pools did reopen, we haven't been granted lane hire for Oct or Nov.

This means our pool sessions are returning back from 1st December 2021.


Ocean swims and ocean privates are open now.

Our annual 10km, 5km and 2.5km swim will run in 2021!