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Private swimming lessons are open to adults during the summer season from September to April each year.  We welcome total beginners, those looking to improve their technique or learn a new stroke as well as advanced swimmers seeking specialised coaching.


  • 2 ON 1

  • $70
    per person
  • 30min Pool session, Stroke Correction
  • Two swimmers

  • 3 ON 1

  • $60
    per person
  • 45 min Pool stroke correction
  • Three swimmers


Swim Location: ABC pool, Domain
Time: 30min to 45 min depending on the number of swimmers
Days: Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning
Monday and Wednesday evening

Session covers:
1. Find your swim problem
2. Learn a new swim technique and feel it
3. Explanation of how to get better at swimming
4. Suggestions on what to practice and work on during your swim
5. Become an efficient swimmer
6. Enjoying your new swim technique

Pool session 30min: $90
For Bookings call Vlad coach on 0413 754 977

1 -1 $90 per person/30min session
1-2 $70 per person/30min session
1-3 $60 per person/45 min session

Groups of more than 3 swimmers $50 per person /45min


  • 1 ON 1

  • $150
    per person
  • 30 minute Ocean stroke correction and swim
  • One swimmer

  • 2 ON 1

  • $80
    per person
  • 60min Ocean session, Stroke Correction
  • Two swimmers


Swim Location: Malabar beach (calm surf conditions)
Time: One-hour session.
Days: Tuesday or Thursday Morning from 6:30 am or 7 am

Session covers:
1. Warm-up swim, the coach will find your swim problem
2. Stroke correction and learn new swim technique
3. practice and feel new swim technique
4. Swim with the coach under supervision
5. you become be relaxed ocean swimmer

Ocean swim correction 1 hour: $150
For Bookings call Vlad coach on 0413 754 977

1 -1 $150 per person
1-2 $80 per person
1-3 $60 per person

Groups of more than 3 swimmers $50 per person

What some of our awesome clients have said:

  • Please send a big thank you to Jai. For the first time ever, I completed one of Ewen's squads not feeling totally exhausted. I also managed to stay with the group the entire time. Generally anything more than a 100 is difficult but I did two 300 maintaining my position, no dropping back. Even more importantly I was really relaxed the majority of the time!!!
  • Hi Viktoria, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed my 1st lesson with Martin this morning. Very professional and informative. I think it will help my swimming a great deal . I look forward to my next lesson later this month.
  • Hello Viktoria This is Simon, I’ve been having swim lessons with Martin over the last 2 weeks. I’m writing to say thank you to the Vladswim team for the great lessons. I’ve previously had lessons with other coaches but I must say that Martin has been by far the best. Martin’s attention to detail & explanation during my two lessons was excellent.
    Simon M.
  • Thank you so much for the excellent coaching sessions. I could hardly swim a lap of (terrible) freestyle before, and after just a few sessions I am gliding around in the water like a fish! It's made a huge difference; I can finally swim properly. Thank you!
  • I had my first private swimming lesson with Vlad last week – it was absolutely excellent ! He taught me more about swimming in that half an hour session than I have learnt in my whole 35 years.
    Adrian L.
  • Vlad -I just wanted to say what a fantastic teacher you are and how much I enjoyed our lessons. You are so patient, so skilled, so fun – really such a great and inspiring teacher! I think of what you taught me NOT JUST in the pool (I swam on Sunday!) but also in my day to day – RELAX. There are so many things you can do better if you RELAX. Thank you for everything! See you next summer.