Eglish Channel preparation for everyone.

Vladswim’s English Channel Program was first developed in 2009. Since then 62 swimmers have used the program to successfully cross the Channel, making it the cornerstone of Vladswim’s program offering.

Your journey to the English Channel

English Channel preparation starts at the beginning of Sydney’s winter season. Swimmers generally choose an 18-month preparation period, giving them two winters’ to adapt to cold-water swimming ahead of their attempt.

The summer season focuses on increasing fitness and developing open water swimming skills. Following this is a short nine-week program culminating in the cold water swimming camp in Melbourne over Easter the year of the swim. A specific 18-week plan is then followed in the build-up to the English Channel attempt itself.

The length of the program can vary between one and three years depending on the fitness levels, skills and previous experience of the swimmer.

Price: from $2500

- includes a full PROGRAM for swim goals till Channel.
- includes coaching support from Vlad-coach, calls, emails, meetings
- does not include weekly swim sessions or Vladswim squad sessions
- Online weekly swim session, the plan, and Coaching pieces of advice ($300/month)

How much will my program cost?

The cost of your program will vary dependent on the length of the preparation and what you need from the Vlad-coach. There are three preparation packages.
1. Personal Channel preparation program with support coaching pieces of advice and personal call or Zoom meeting with the coach.  Price from $1000.
2. Personal Channel program and personal swim sessions every week. Coach support and calls, emails and meeting are $200 per month
3. For Sydney base swimmers. Swim program. The coach's advice, meetings, calls.
from $1000 for the program plus weekly Vladswim membership to attend squad sessions.   


What can I expect from the program?

  • A monthly squad and open water swim plan
  • Experienced head coach and open water coach support
  • Regular meetings throughout the period
  • Opportunity to complete an official qualifying swim for the English Channel
  • Nutrition, recovery, stretching and swim technique advice

What will my swimming week look like?

Our English Channel program includes four to five pool sessions of 1.5-2 hours long, averaging a distance of 5-8km per session. There is also one longer-distance open water swim on Saturdays.
The average weekly swim distance is 25-60 km depending on the week of the program

Anything in addition to swimming?

 Dryland session: a 30 -60 minute workout conducted by the individual swimmer is recommended. This can have a positive impact on swimmers’ muscles and could improve speed and endurance. Simple sessions with a stretch cord, body weight or a gym workout once or twice a week would be beneficial.

Recovery: stretching, yoga, pilates and massage will help muscle endurance and recovery.

Logbook: recording the details of each of your sessions during the preparation period keeps swimmers on track and helps them monitor progress.

Nutrition: the Vladswim English Channel program will suggests you highly experience Nutritionist for marathon swimmers.


English Channel - Results 2017

35. Rachelle Silver 15:54
34. Zuzana Juskova 11:23
33. Peter Schultz 11:55
32. Anthony Schwager 12:11
31. Ned Wieland 09:45
30. Brendan Maher 17:05
2. Dean Summmers - North Channel 13:07



English Channel - Results 2018

36 Anna Doubell 12:24
37. Chris Low 13:22
38. Maddy Kimbell 14:34
39. Sam Abeshouse 13:20
40. Brendan King 14:33
41. Duncan Tebb 14:05
42.. Michel Saad 11:40
43.. Rod Watkins 12:53
44. Peter Hugh 12:14
45. Laura Marshall 15:35

North Channel 2018
1. Marty Filipowski 12 hours 26min
2. Rachael Elkaim 10hours 32 min





English Channel - Results 2016

29.   Julie Isbill 13:03
28.   Kane Orr 14:05

English Channel - Results 2015

27.  Andrew Stewart 11:22
26.  Dean Summers 13:19
25.  Des Mulcahy 11:45

English Channel - Results 2014

24. Cae Tolman 13:09
23. Ben Hutt 13:17
22. Miles Tollan 15:20
21. Michael Teys 11:22
20. Lawrence Stubbs 13:55
19. Daniel Boardman 11:24
18. Scott Miers 09:59
17. Cyril Baldock 12:45
16. Greg Shein 09:18
15. Justin Hanby 11:47
14. Rachael Elkaim 13:01
1. Colleen Mallon - North Channel 09:56




English Channel - Results 2013

13. John Jameson 18:16
12. Jim Walker 15:03
11. Jason Connor 11:55
10. Peter Dolnik 11:43
9. Marty Filipowski 14:39

English Channel - Results 2012

8. Tori Gorman 14:12
7. Alistair Newmarch 12:40
6. Wayne Arthur 10:29
5. Wyatt Song 16:17
4. Tara Diversi 09:45
3. Lochie Hinds 12:43

English Channel - Results 2011

2. Cameron Spittle 09:40
1. Duncan Adams 11:33



The History of Vladswim English Channel Program


Vlad was coaching for Be a sport group and had just established the Vladswim program for stroke correction and setting swim plans and programs for swimmers. At that time Cameron Spittle decided to swim the English Channel swim and Vlad created a simple 20 weeks preparation plan for him. At the same time, open water coach Charm from Balmoral club had another swimmer preparing for the Channel - Duncan Adams. Duncan needed a pool session and swimming plan, so he started swimming with Vlad and also following Cameron’s program.



Cameron was the first Channel swimmer from the Vladswim program and finished the crossing in 9 hours and 40min, which is still the fastest time for any of the Vladswim swimmers crossings in Vladswim program. In September 2010, Duncan completed his crossing in time 11 hours and 33min. From this year, Vlad-coach started preparing programs for Channel swim in the forthcoming years.

The successful crossing of the English Channel by these two swimmers became known to distance swimmers in Sydney, who approached Vladswim. Vlad started focusing on long distance swim races more seriously which involved coaching at the pool, planning programs, setting long term goals and providing important information on other aspects on endurance swimming such as motivation psychology. Vladswim started to be known as a long distance open water squad in Sydney.



The Vladswim program moved from Cook & Phillip pool to Andrew Boy Charlton pool which provided an opportunity for Vlad to create a new swim squad in Sydney which focused on open water and marathon swims. As interest in the English Channel swim grew, new swimmers sought out the Vladswim program to help them prepare for the challenge.
The Vladswim English Channel program runs over 1.5 years and includes two Sydney winters Sydney, 2 cold water swim camps and long-distance open water swims on Saturdays. Open water coach Charm came onboard to assist swimmers during the longer swims and to share her expertise and knowledge on nutrition and feeding practices.


Thanks to Head Coach Vlad and open water coach Charm, 5 swimmers in the Vladswim program successfully swim the English Channel in 2012: Tori Gorman (14h 12min), Alistair Newmarch (12h 40min), Wayne Arthur (10h 29min), Wyatt Song (16h 17min), , Tara Diversi (9h 45min) In addition, a number of swimmers from other clubs whowere assisted with the Vladswim program also achieved the goal, including Lochie Huns…….Stuart Jonson, 2012


The English Channel preparation was now established as the main program in Vladswim. Similar to long distance swim races such as Rottnest and Fiji swim preparation, and the shorter summer oceans swim series, the English Channel swim was growing in popularity and more 5 Vladswim members successfully achieved their goals in 2013: John Jameson (18h 16min), Jim Walker (15h 03min), Jason Connor (11h 55min) Peter Dolnik (11h 43min), Marty Filipowski (14h 39min) 2013-2014.

The popularity of the English Channel swim continued to grow with more swimmers approaching enrolling in the full program that had now been set up. Hand-in-hand with this, a strong community of swimmers also formed assisting each other with their endurance swim goals. The swimmers created unbelievable strong supported community working on one goal by maximum ready for biggest swim in the life. 2013 Vladswim swimmers


This year saw the largest number of Vladswim swimmers attempting the English Channel with 12 enrolled in the program as well as many registered to take on the challenge in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Thus far in 2014, 4 of 4 Vladswimmers have achieved their goals: Cae Toman (13h 09min), Michael Teys (11h 22min), Ben Hutt (13h 22min) Miles Tollan (15h..)


Andrew Stewart successfully cross English Channel swim in 11hours and 22 min. Andrew is first Channel swimmers this season form our squad. Great swim. 3 year of preparation and persistence work on all swimming goals gave to Dean Summers the best preparation for one of the Challenging swim.
English Channel swim or Webber channel How Dean was calling was opening the tide for Dean at the end of the August. 13hours and 45min of the swim in Channel made Dean another Vladswim swimmers who cross the Channel. Congratulations!

Last English Channel swimmers in 2015 season was Des Mulcome. At the end of the September Des was fighting first 5 hours with stingers in Channels and in great surf condition successful cross the channel in 11hours and 22sec. Fantastic swim Des


On 1 July, Julie Isbill successfully crossed English Channel in 13hours and 3min and become the first Vladswim swimmer coached by online program!

Vlad was sending the sessions and communicating only by email and phone during her preparation. Julie lives in Perth and she was 6 months on Vlad’s Channel preparation program. Congratulations Julie!