TIME: BETWEEN 27 - 31ST DEC 2023

We are long-distance swimmers from Sydney, and in the last five years, we have been swimming 100x100m at the end of the year.

This year, we want to share the swim with you and create an International 100x100m swim event. The swim can be part of the fundraising, team spirit, club event, fun or just celebration end of the year. No fees, no registration, just swim with your friends and have fun.

We want to open a place for everyone to share the 100x100m swim story on Facebook. 100x100m International

Time: Between 27th to 31st December 2023
Open for all swimmers.

Swimmers: achievers

The swim creates an excellent opportunity for every swimmer who wants to achieve a new personal swim distance

The starter swimmer with 30x100m
The advanced swimmer with 50x100m
The challenger swimmer with 70x100m
The professional swimmer with 100x100m

10 helping ideas:

  1. Talk to the pool manager for supporting your swim (book the lanes, promotion at the pool)
  2. Set up fundraising to support people or organizations. There are people who need help and financial support.
  3. Talk to your swim friends and set up the day and time. Organise your swim and let everyone know by TV, Radio, flyers
  4. Definitely, after the swim, your friends will thank you for a great time. You will be surprised how many swimmers will be happy and exciting.
  5. Ask your swim coach for a 100x100m set for the swim.
  6. If you need the set, you can get here. From us (
  7. Ask a friend or lifeguard to take photos or videos.
  8. Have fun with counting. After 50x100m start count years. So, 51st 100m will be 1972 year. Then 1973, 1974. Why? You will find a swimmer in your group who was born that year. It will be something special for them. In every 100m, you will go through your life history.
  9. Team spirit. Create a t-shirt or swim cap with logo. Have fun.
  10. After the swim, make sure you will have a breakfast or afternoon party to celebrate