Palm Beach to Shelly Beach swim preparation

You can attempt this swim at any time of year. Organize swim is in January

From 26 to 28km depending on direction swim and conditions

You will pass 15 of Sydney’s northern beaches starting or finishing with Palm beach. Swimming down the coast you then pass Whale Beach, Avalon, Bilgola, Bungan, Mona Vale, Warriewood, Narrabeen, Collaroy, Dee Why, Curl Curl, Freshwater, Manly and finally, Shelly Beach.

Support boat, support kayak and a good team

Rough conditions, windy with strong currents

Summer season (October to April) 19-22°C
Winter season (May to September) 16-18°C

Between 7 to 12 hours

Race swim is in January:
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Preparation for Palm to Shelly swim

Your Vladswim program

Any swimmer can sign up for the Vladswim program and be ready to take on this new challenge.  You will have lots of fun, learn about yourself, challenge your limits, travel and meet new people. You’ll love it.  Get out of your comfort zone and take the first step on this adventure. Contact us today, it is easy.

  1. Contact us
  2. Set up you weekly swim timetable example
    Swim: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Ocean swim on weekend
    rest day Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday
  3. Understand your swim program and plan for till February
  4. Share your swim goals with your friend or join any swim group or sigh in Swimming pool membership
  5. For ocean swim find a friend or swimming group. Never swim alone
  6. Enjoy and have a fun

What does the program involve?

  1. A personalised preparation plan for your swim goal, 21weeks
  2. The plan covers km/week, intensity, open water swim advice, dry land workouts,
    stretching and recovery advice, general nutrition and other important aspects of long-distance swimming
  3. Coach’s advice, monitoring and updating your swim plan as required
  4. Online, phone contact and support from Vlad during your swim preparation period

How long does the program go for?

The program starts in September till January with the initial 21 weeks preparing swimmers for the swim at the end of the January.  The focus will be on building endurance and a strong mindset for these long-distance challenges.

In second part of the preparation is focusing on improve pace over a long distance, being resilient in any surf conditions, increasing mileage per week and refining nutrition during long swims.