Swimming questions

Why do you think swimming is such a good workout?

There are many positives to swimming as a work out but one of the main advantages is the fact that it takes place in water.

This sounds obvious but the reason an aquatic environment is so good for exercise is that it is low impact – that is, it’s easier on the joints and spine than impact sports such as running.

This reduces the risk of injury, especially if the correct swim technique is used. It’s also a great way for people who are overweight to get into exercise as it provides some resistance without being too hard on the body.

Let’s have a look at some interesting facts about swimming for women.
Did you know that swimming?

  • Is a great form of exercise for women of any age
  • Is highly recommended as a work out for overweight people
  • Reduces cholesterol levels in the blood
  • improves joints problems and other bone or muscle injuries
  • Improves breathing, stabilizes the heart function and tones muscles
  • Can help alleviate depression and other mental health issues
  • Can help to counteract the negative aspects of unhealthy habits such as drinking alcohol, smoking and over-eating
  • Gives swimmers a feeling of freedom and happiness
  • Improves your mood – after a good swim work out, “happy” endorphins are released in your body which make you feel happy and relaxed
  • Increases blood circulation which in turn improves skin quality – makes all woman stay younger, beautiful and happy

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