Rottnest Swim 2014

The biggest open water swim event for Vladswim swimmers is this great 20km swim in West Australia.

Since 2010 Vlad has been going to this great event with swimmers. Louise Stevenson was first swimmer that introduced Vlad to the Rottnest swim.

2010 and also 2011 Louise did great swim finished 1st female category. This year from Vladswim program around 30 swimmers competed in Rottnest Channel, 20 solo swimmers and rest of the swimmers in a team.

Friendly surf condition with Western swell and wind push all swimmers to Island. Water temperature around 21C give some of the swimmers feeling chilly but all swimmers did enormous work to finish on Island.

Here are results and comments

  • Zoe Whitfield. 4hours 54mins 2nd solo female.
  • Tessa Garside 4hours 55 mins 3rd solo female
  • Justin Hanby. 5hours 10 mins
  • Scott Miers 5hrs 22mins
  • Sabine Homrighausen 5 hours 29 mins
  • Matt Langsford 5 hours 35 mins
  • Mischee Mardardy 5 hours 43 mins
  • Clair McGuire 5 hours 48 mins
  • Rachael Elkaim 5 hours 49 mins
  • Damien Scales 5 hours 51min
  • Alex Shoebridge 6 hours 1 min
  • Michael Teys 6 hours 22 mins
  • Barry Feyder 6hours 24 mins
  • Cae Tolman 6 hours 25 mins
  • Dean Summers 6 hours 42 mins
  • Kylie Thomas 6 hours 48 mins
  • Des Mulcahy 6 hours 50 mins
  • Chris McAnneny 6 hours 51 mins
  • John Caporn 6 hours 55 mins
  • Lucille Orro 6 hours 59 mins
  • Conrad Johnston 7 hours 16 mins
  • Irene Keel 8 hours 12 mins
  • Martin Vavrek 8 hours 20 mins


  • Marty Filipowski & Tamera Lang 5 hours, 57 mins
  • Fiona Wilkie & Simon Smith 6hrs 38 mins


  • Talbot 4 hours 27 mins

Jai hopped out after a strong 16km as she had a few boats and swimmers stupidly and dangerously getting very very close so got anxious and as she was already a bit cold she ended up with a mild case of hypothermia. I’m very happy she got out, a hard call to make but the right one. Safety always comes first.

Rachael and Conrad had to deal with boat problems as well. Rachael’s boat was late so she had to tread water for about 20mins at least before they turned up and Conrad’s boat didn’t even make it to the start so he had to swim with a slower swimmer. Very disappointing for both of them but something that they had no control over. It then becomes a mental challenge for them both to keep their cool and still swim which they both did. Well done guys.

Fantastic results above from everyone. From looking at the photos and speaking to those that were over there, everyone worked together as a team in the lead up and supported each other.





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